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Dare To Dream & Inspire

As a practising advocate since 2005, converting challenges into opportunities is difficult. But once armed with the knowledge of dealing with the challenge, the whole world is an opportunity for this young Attorney.

Published a year ago on Aug 26, 2022 3 minutes Read
Ruchi Khatlawala Pandya, Partner, Little & Co.

To inspire is a dream that comes with responsibility. Many people have such a dream but find it difficult to transform it into reality. Ruchi Khatlawala Pandya exactly did that.

This young woman has proved that she not only dares to dream but also knows what it takes to be responsible for converting them into reality. Ruchi knows what it takes to be successful. She has proved it by hard work, determination, upskilling and willingness to learn.

These qualities helped her emerge on top in whatever areas she had ventured. In the law firm, where she is a partner, Little & Co, she has cut a niche for herself and is known for her achievements. The identity of her father, senior partner of the same law firm, only adds enigma to her professional prowess.

Ruchi has many achievements in her still young career. Her understanding of legal aspects in broadcasting, glamour and entertainment is highly respected in the industry. Some of the other sectors where she has established her mantel are real estate-project finance, general corporate, and commercial litigation, including Arbitration and Dispute Resolution.

A keen student of any new subject and its potential, Ruchi forayed into the dynamic world of artificial intelligence. She brought to the table the benefits AI could accrue in the legal field. Ruchi also lets her creative self be reflected in the writing of legal articles that a few international magazines have found highly influential and inspirational and have published.

Being a girl and woman was always a challenge that Ruchi knows every woman has to overcome. She had travelled that path and knows her responsibility is to inspire young women, to help in their journey.

Ruchi understands the importance of education in women’s empowerment. She believes that education is not just about learning from books but the knowledge accumulated from experience.

As a woman and legal professional, Ruchi knows the true value of knowledge and wants every young girl to acquire as much as possible. True and substantial knowledge is more powerful than any physical ammunition.
She believes that everyone should be a learner for life till their last.

Ruchi brilliantly balances the role of daughter, sister, wife, mother and inspirational leader to the satisfaction of everyone. Her parents have been the role model and sources of inspiration. They remain her pillars of strength and the guiding light in whatever she chooses to pursue. An adoring brother always remains the one to have a pep talk. Her husband is more of a friend and daughter, Vyana, the ultimate sunshine of her life.

She never forgets to thank the divine power for giving all she has and is a staunch believer—that divine power is the true energy.

This young legal eagle has proved that family is the biggest strength, howsoever successful one might have achieved the professional heights. She is an inspiration for young girls and women, trying to look up to a role model.

The path is never easy, as Ruchi had to make her path and demonstrate that to dream is important, but to realise it is a responsibility to oneself. Her achievement has been well appreciated in the media. Ruchi was awarded as “Rising Star under 40 in 2019”, was featured on the cover pages of 4-5 Indian legal magazines and was selected as one of the best 30 leaders globally in a California-based magazine, Silicon Review”. She was recently awarded by Times group to be chosen for “Times Visionary Leaders” on July 20, 2022.