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The Perfect Shower Experience
Grohe India's precision technology is re-defining the shower experience

A bath can be a wonderful way to switch on in the morning or unwind at the end of a day. Nothing beats the feeling of standing under a shower. You shut your eyes and the cascading drops of water on your body replicate the joy of soft raindrops that refresh you. A shower goes beyond just 'cleaning'. It is an experience. After all, bathing is known to be one of the most relaxing ways to get rid of stress. Whether it is invigorating and refreshing or stressful and full of hassles depends on what type of shower you choose.

Lack of performance due to low water pressure (especially in horizontal housing), clogging of nozzles (due to dirt) and lesser spread (because of the inadequate size of the shower) are some pain points that make showering anything but a relaxing experience.  If you are constantly worrying about whether the temperature of water will remain constant, are you able to get adequate pressure of water and whether the shower has a good 'spread' — then showering is not enjoyable at all!

The science of smart showering
Showering is perhaps, almost as comforting as hydrotherapy. An ideal shower experience depends on what shower you choose to unwind with. It is based on the design process, attention to detail and the perfectly designed and scientifically-engineered showers that fabricate a hassle-free bathing experience. Furthermore, the right choice of the shower head is imperative for a perfect shower experience. However, due to lack of awareness about showers that work with advanced technology, the importance of choosing the right shower head is often underestimated. As a result, consumers end up with a mediocre shower experience which they accept and tend to live with. This is why understanding the technology and specifications of a shower is imperative before purchasing one.

Showering experiences can differ depending on the type of shower available. Thanks to Grohe, there are multiple shower options to choose from, unlike the one that you have in your bathrooms. Grohe is a leader in the field of shower heads that are designed with precision using the latest technology. Their meticulous design process, cutting-edge engineering and great attention to detail mean that their showers have high precision nozzles that ensure every drop follows the same geometry. Who knew there was a science in showering, calling for a smart shower!

Grohe's gift of precision
Considering that showers are used every day or even multiple times in family households, it is important to recognise and choose a high quality shower which can upgrade the below-average shower experience. An exquisite combination of contemporary and modern backed by technological excellence, Grohe’s extensive product range (that has won more than 300 designs awards) has several unique propositions that make a Grohe shower much more than just a shower — it is like having your own spa at home.

• The high precision nozzles make every drop 100% equal in size

• Multi spray options (from Bokoma to Waterfall to Rain) — for a multi-sensory showering experience

• Showers look new even after years because their surfaces are 10x more scratch resistant and 3x harder

• Limescale build up is a thing of the past with Grohe’s SpeedClean nozzles. A quick wipe with your cloth or hand is all that’s required to remove any limescale.

Grohe has developed an innovative share range that delivers great performance even when the water pressure gets as low as 0.1 bar

• 100% rust resistant inner water guide protects the shower body from rust and guarantees durability

• Grohe showers help you shower conscientiously — there is up to 40% less water consumption — with the possibility of saving more than 20,000 litres of water per year in a family

Choosing one shower from Grohe's extensive range will be the only task at hand — the options are so many, and advantages even more! For example, the Euphoria Shower. The three shower zones under one shower head (Rain 1, Rain 2 and Jet) in just one click, the award-winning 260mm-broad shower and a knurled surface (to help with an easy grip even with soapy fingers) makes it a truly euphoric and immersive shower experience.

Power & Soul offers four distinguished spray patterns in one shower — Bokoma spray for a shoulder massage, Rain for light shower, Rain 2 for soothing water droplets with oxygen and a jet spray for powerful cleansing to give you that awesome water massage. The introduction of one-click showering makes it easier to switch between different shower patterns, giving you a personalised shower experience every time.

For those that live in areas where water woes are a constant issue, Tempesta offers optimum performance even in the least 0.1bar pressure, without compromising on the quality of shower experience. The 100-210mm shower has a wide range and its mono to 4-flow option gives you the power to choose how much water you use. With crisp detailing, cylindrical profiling and chamfered edges, Grohe Tempesta is the perfect fit for modern bathroom architecture. 

Experience your own tropical rain shower with Grohe's SmartActiveRain Shower where you can choose from three types of spray — from the refreshing PureRain spray to the revitalising Bokoma spray and energy infusing Trio Massage spray. The advanced engineering of the shower head allows a balanced flow of water from all nozzles thus, enveloping you in bigger, softer water droplets.

The F-series 15 allows you to transform your bathroom into an indulgent space with a multi-sensory showering experience — because of its minimalistic, understated and yet luxurious design. Multi-spray options include Bokoma spray with angle adjustment, XL waterfall & Rain mode in a shower to provide a rejuvenating experience for the mind and body.

Grohe leaves you spoilt for choice. When it comes to the perfect shower, Grohe is the last word. Grab a Grohe and transform your bath into a ritual.

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