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My Favourite

Vikram Reddy
The general manager of Four Seasons, Mumbai on why the Macallan is his favourite whisky

I like reading crime fiction — legal thrillers in particular. John Grisham is my favourite author and after I read The Firm, I was hooked onto his writing. I like how he entwines the plot of discovering a crime drama with an interesting narrative by slowly unveiling the situation, the conflict and the resolution.

Basketball is a gripping and athletic game and hence, I am drawn towards the sport. It is fast paced, exciting and also a high scoring game which separates it from other sports. My favourite team is Los Angeles Lakers and I cherish the memories when I used to watch it with my friends in the USA. I also enjoy watching cricket.

Thai cuisine resonates the most with me. The combination of sweet, salty, sour and tangy flavours is a luxury to the taste buds. An ideal Thai dish for me is the Pomelo salad with shredded chicken, peanuts, lime and toasted grated coconut. Every bite takes me on a joyful discovery.

Macallan whisky has a smoky flavour that is juxtaposed with a rich taste of dried fruit, a tinge of ginger and a citrus tang. This combination forms an extremely enjoyable balance, making it an all time favourite.

Maldives has been a benchmark getaway, since I keep comparing it to all other travel destinations. The pleasant weather, the beautiful beaches and the variety of underwater fauna steal the show.

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