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My Favourite

Sanjeev Duggal
Centum Learning's CEO on his favourite movie - Gangs of New York

I enjoy Asian cuisines which is a huge variety starting from Vietnamese to Chinese to Thai. 

Gangs of New York is my favourite movie which is all about stories of creation, innovation and human endurance. The fundamental premise is human strength to create something out of nothing and that too, very differently.

River God by Willmur Smith is one of my favourites. I am intrigued by history, historical characters & places. I love to learn about how nations were formed, how battles were fought, etc. It's a genre that transfers one to a different world.

My favourite sport would be soccer — anytime, any day. I like quick actions and immediate results. 90 minutes is the maximum amount of time that I can remain glued to a particular activity.  

Anytime I get an opportunity, I love to visit Italy. I liked the concept of a modern setting in a rural backdrop. Italy boasts of a vast regional variety seen in their food, climate, culture and language. 


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