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My Favourite

Rajeev Menon
Marriott International's area vice president for South Asia & Australia on his love for tennis and much more

Team Outlook Business

I must admit that I am attracted to any movie that is based on a true story. There is more to learn from and more depth in such movies.

Having lived in Australia, I am a lover of Shiraz red wine. Whenever we go out, my wife and I like to enjoy our meals with a glass of red wine. 

As a hotelier, I love great food and all cuisines. When I am on the move, I make it a point to eat the local food. That keeps things exciting for any foodie.  

I have been playing tennis for a long time now. It is a wonderful way to keep fit and doesn’t require being on the field for too long, as seen in golf or cricket. One hour of tennis is enough to energise you and give you a complete workout. 

Good to Great by Jim Collins has stayed with me from the time I first read it. It is still relevant to the world of business. It taught me what one can do to fashion a great company out of a good one. I still apply the learnings from the book at my workplace.

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