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My Favourite

Prosenjit Chowdhary
Barbeque Nation's CEO talks about his favourite books and more

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My favourite book is Vineet Nayar’s Employee First, Customer Second, which makes a special connection with the reader by taking him on a journey through the mindset of an employee. The book certainly helps team leaders create a bond with their employees, leading to a better work environment. 

I recently visited Gangtok with my family and it was a beautiful experience. Gangtok is serene with its snowy mountains, greenery and peace — away from the rush of the city. I love to visit Gangtok with my family to rejuvenate myself.  

I have a passion for sports cars and bikes. The adventure and risk factors give me the adrenaline rush I like about the sport. I would not want to miss any race involving sports cars and bikes in India.

I enjoy all cuisines but Mediterranean food tops it all. The different kinds of ingredients used in Mediterranean cuisine make it all the  more enticing and it’s like an icing on a cake if it is cooked in olive oil.  

The Pursuit of Happyness is my favourite movie and I can watch it umpteen number of times. Chris Garner’s struggle-filled journey has been executed very well in the movie. The performance of every actor in the film is quite remarkable.

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