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Niranjan Nadkarni

TÜV SÜD South Asia's CEO Niranjan Nadkarni finds the spirit in team sports inspiring

Published 4 years ago on Aug 05, 2016 Read
Soumik Kar

The Godfather series is my all-time favorite. Crisp screenplay, brilliant casting and sharp direction is what pulls me to this masterpiece every time.

A team sport always has its own charm and life lessons. I like football because every team member has a important role to play, there is equal responsibility and coordination is key.

I relish a virgin piña colada. It’s a drink that complements every cuisine and the blend of its ingredients makes it an all-time perfect accompaniment.

Italian cuisine has the knack to distinctly bring out the flavour of every ingredient. The essence is simplicity yet every dish is diverse in taste.

The Swiss Alps are mesmerizing. The beauty of the sun-rays falling on snow-clad mountains is liberating. I wish I could visit the Swiss Alps more often than I do.