My Favourite

Neerja Bhatia

Etihad Airways' India vice president reveals her favourite international getaway

Published 5 years ago on Dec 07, 2016 2 minutes Read

Princess Sultana’s Daughters by Jean Sasson depicts an invincible struggle of a mother to ensure that her children get their freedom. Being a mother myself, I could empathise with the protagonist’s character.

The British movie Notting Hill by Roger Michelle has a beautiful soundtrack, which lightens my mood instantly. The movie stars Julia Roberts, which is also one of the reasons why I call it my favourite. The movie ends on a happy note with the message that love conquers all.

Cricket has been an engaging sport right from childhood because of its competitiveness and an ability to engage the audience. I prefer one-day international matches over Test cricket because of its fast pace.

I love the delicacies under the Middle Eastern cuisine. Along with the health quotient, a perfect blend of colourful ingredients used in their salads and a rich flavour, leave me craving for more. I also like the Greek and Garden salad.

Switzerland has picturesque landscapes, which help me calm my nerves and offer an escape from my busy life. It is a haven for any ardent nature lover.