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Meena Kaushik

Quantum Consumer Solutions' chairman is an avid reader who finds solace in Rumi's writing 

Published 2 years ago on Jan 21, 2018 Read
Soumik Kar

Peter Berger’s The Sacred Canopy is one of my favourite books. It taught me a lot about how I should view reality and life and is a book I learned the most from. I also end up reading a lot of Rumi's work often.

When it comes to music, it's either jazz, classical music or instrumental piano. I’ve got quite an eclectic taste.

Of the recent Bollywood movies that I have watched, the comedy film, Newton, featuring Rajkummar Rao, was a good one.

London is my favourite travel and holiday destination. I love the city, it is very cosmopolitan. I also, enjoy going to Maldives, I just love the seaside.

I like to cook in my free time. And maybe listen to some music. I’m not too bad with the needle either.