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Joe King

The Audi India head on golf and his favourite Kevin Spacey movie

Published 4 years ago on Apr 24, 2016 Read

I enjoy reading biographies and autobiographies. One of my favourite books in this genre is Andre Agassi’s Open, not because he is my favourite player, but for the perseverance he showed at the time of adversity.

I listen to a wide range of genres from lounge to rock, and electronic to the 70's Blues. I also use the Shazam app to look up new artists when I hear a new track.

I am a big fan of Kevin Spacey. The Usual Suspects is an all-time classic for me as it’s brilliantly scripted and had fantastic performances by all the actors. 

I enjoy playing golf as well as tennis. Golf allows you to challenge yourself everytime. I am intrigued at the power of the mind to enable you to play brilliantly sometimes and terribly at other times. Tennis is a vigorous game where you rely on your reflexes and it’s great for exercise.

Hakkasan is one of my favourite restaurants in Mumbai. Bondi Icebergs in Australia is another favorite as it has a wonderful view over the iconic Bondi Beach in Sydney.