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The regional representative of Freudenberg India on why Italian cuisine is his favourite

Published 4 years ago on Nov 25, 2016 Read
Photograph by Vishal Koul (Location courtesy: Sheraton Grand)

An Era of Darkness by Shashi Tharoor provides insight into how disastrous the British rule was for India. It is a thought-provoking piece about a country I always wanted to know more about. 

I am a fan of soccer owing to my German roots. Since I have moved to India, I have started enjoying cricket, too. I like team sports more than individual sports for their team spirit.

I love Italian cusine; pizza and pasta are my favourites. The flavourful balance of ingredients and the lip-smacking taste draws me towards it. I have recently hooked on to Indian and Thai cuisine. Whenever I visit Tamil Nadu, I make sure to relish dosa

I prefer an occasional Chardonnay. If I have to couple it with meat, I prefer beer. I look forward to Oktoberfest in Munich every year.

I am drawn to Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia for their rich cultural heritage and the pleasant climate.