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Dhaval Radia

The senior vice-president of Greenlight Planet finds joy in reading comic books when he is not walking with the wild  

Published a year ago on Aug 09, 2019 Read

I do the bulk of my reading during flights these days. I love reading short stories and some business management books, depending on my mood. Hard to pick an all-time favorite but the ones that left a deep impression on my mind recently are the "The 5 AM club" by Robin Sharma and "Leaders eat last" by Simon Sinek.

I am a big fan of comic books and read them on most weekends. They help me unwind and de-stress. I still read the Tinkle Double Digests, the ones that I started reading since I was 8 and love the simplicity, wit, and humor of characters such as Suppandi, Shikari Shambu, and Nasruddin Hodja. From the international ones, I prefer Calvin and Hobbes, Asterix and Tintin.

I love watching all kinds of movies, so it would be hard to pick a single favorite. I am a huge Bollywood fan. I like content-based films depicted with simplicity and class, for example, all of the Hrishikesh Mukherjee movies, or in recent times all of the Ayushmann Khurana movies. In Hollywood, Forrest Gump remains my all-time favorite. Apart from that, I like almost all of Tom Hanks's movies.

I have always been a huge Cricket fan. I used to play the game almost everyday while growing up but now it's largely limited to watching.  I had a bat that I used for almost six years at a stretch and considered it as my most priced possession at that time.

I love North Indian Food - I can eat it anywhere, anytime. However, other than that, I generally prefer local cuisines in places that reflect the soul and character of the region. My favorite   local restaurants that have been around for ages and have their own charm and history to them. They all typically have that one dish that is out of the world and I love to try them as well as hear the stories around them. I'd say try out, Leopold Cafe in Mumbai, Kyani Restaurant in Mumbai, Infanteria in Goa,  La Tavernaccia in Rome, Le Jules Verne in Paris.

I find the mountains mesmerizing, anywhere around the world, whether its Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Fuji or the Himalayan Ranges. If I have to pick my favorite, it would be the ranges in Sikkim or Ladakh. Apart from that, I enjoy exploring the national reserves in Africa. One of the most vivid memories I would have in those reserves would be feeding the ostriches in Cape Town, South Africa. An ideal vacation for me will include traveling to a quiet, non-commercial place in the mountains with good company and enjoying a gadget-free time with nature and enjoying the local food.