The Good Life

Suit up

Get ready to deck yourself in these perfectly designed, high end suits


He grooms himself, styles his appearance and most importantly, cares about looking good – that’s the modern man in a nutshell. Gone are the days, when fashion was considered the home turf of women. The new generation male likes to dress up, that too in style and what could be more chic than a well-tailored suit? Life has never been more interesting for the Indian metrosexual, with leading international brands like Brooks’ Brothers, Canali and Giorgio Armani satiating their luxury lifestyle demands with their snazzy suits.

From fabric yearned out of sapphire particles, buttons made of horn or mother of pearl to shimmering silk linings, suits at Giorgio Armani will swathe you in the glory of opulence. Boasting of an exclusive clientele list that features celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Giorgio Armani’s most expensive design creation can set you back by Rs. 18 lakhs. Deepika Gehani, creative and marketing director, Genesis Luxury which markets and distributes the brand in India, says that the fabric used and the effort put into production warrants the hefty price tag. “We provide a large selection from the world’s finest fabrics, exclusively, offering a wool with a thread count that makes it feel finer than cashmere. The number of measurements can go upto 50 fittings for a three piece suit and the whole process takes 6 to 8 weeks,” she says.

Tailored in style

If Giorgio spells elegance with lush fabrics, Canali oozes sophistication with its plush, natural components that give you a heavenly feel. Its exclusive jacket inner layer is a created using a regenerated cellulose fiber, Cupro. These perfect jackets are the end result of a 200 step process that ensures the best fit for the end user, remarks Roasie Virq, marketing director, Canali India. “Cupro is noted for its ability to create beautifully draped clothing. The material used is made of canvas created from horse hair, camel hair and cotton. This gives the jacket a perfect fit and provides for free movement,” she elucidates. This finesse and intricacy is pegged within a price range of Rs. 1.8 to 6 lakhs and can be delivered within 6-8 weeks of placing an order.

Brooks Brothers, too follows a similar delivery period, but has a unique production process. Anand Nair, business head, Brooks Brothers India says that they follow a partly computerised production process to minimise error and structure the best fit possible.

 “Cutting is done through a computerised system but key sewing operations are still done by hand. We take 35 measurements  and there are 187 operations in making a tailored jacket with over 400 hands taking part in that construction to provide a truly custom fit,” he says. Apart from personalised monogramming on cuffs, collars, labels and chest pockets, he further adds that a new trend is emerging with customised ties and pocket squares. Their luxury range begins from Rs.2.5 lakh  and can go up to Rs. 6.6 lakh to give you that complete luxury wear along without compromising on your comfort level.

The luxury suits market is slowly, yet steadily reacting to the growing potential in the Indian market. The future of the market seems bright with the consumer attention captured by the digital and internet age. Nakul Bajaj, CEO of Darveys, an online portal for luxury products, shares a similar outlook. “We live in a digitally oriented society where companies use social media and several other platforms, therefore the demand for bespoke suits is growing year over year,” he says.

Are you still imagining yourself in that specially crafted, drop-dead gorgeous suit? It is time you order it. After all, why should women have all the fun?