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Unleash the true potential of your dream set of wheels at an experience centre near you 

The rush of adrenaline when you take a sharp turn, the moment of exhilaration when you come to a smooth stop — every car enthusiast can attest to the feeling. Who wouldn’t want to put their money down for one of these machines. And to ensure that these four-wheelers can live upto what they are crafted to offer, high-end manufacturers are now providing a worldwide platform for their customers to experience this exquisite driving first-hand.

Land Rover has been known to offer some top-class driving experiences across the globe. In India, the Land Rover Experience plays a vital role as being the ultimate showcase of its product range. These series of events are conducted in different corners of the country to provide a wholesome understanding of all that the vehicle can sustain. It involves off-roading and dealing with various challenges that require the driver to experiment with different drive modes. “We are thrilled to take the Land Rover Experience to car enthusiasts in more cities across the country this year and provide an opportunity to experience the unmatched drive capability of these cars,” said Rohit Suri, president and managing director, Jaguar Land Rover India (JLRI).

With certified instructors on board and a variety of tracks to choose from across the globe, the AMG Driving Academy is a must-visit for those who set out to purchase one of German carmaker, Mercedes' high-end models. The Winter Driving Academy in Arjeplog, Sweden is one such module that lets drivers experience the power and agility of an AMG-powered machine out on a frozen lake.

Roland Folger, MD, Mercedes-Benz India, said, “Mercedes-Benz understands the pulse of our customers and in collaboration with the AMG Driving Academy, we organise an unforgettable experience. In India, we have basic and advanced courses for the academy while our customers can opt for the global courses as well. Customers can also sharpen their driving techniques through the carefully designed varied modules.”

In order to create a stronger customer connect, Audi also offers a range of unique driving experiences across the globe, and in India through its Audi Sportscar Experience (ASE) program. Whether it is to understand Audi R8 V10 on the Buddh International Circuit, honing your driving skills or taking to a curated off-road track to see how their SUV portfolio performs, Audi has taken this initiative to a whole new level and each one is worth experiencing.

Rahil Ansari, head Audi India, elaborates on the programme, “One of our key pillars is being approachable is our overall philosophy. We want to bring in more customers, and, Audi enthusiasts, closer to the brand which means we will have events like the Audi Q drive, Audi Weekender and Audi Sportscar Experience. Over the past five years, we have delivered the Audi Driving Experience to over 10,000 fans.”

Drive through a snowy track or rugged terrain, what better an opportunity than this to clear all second thoughts and test your wheel of choice.

The writer is an editor with MotorScribes and tweets at @VikramGour