My Favourite

Ullas Kamath

Jyothy Laboratories' joint managing director and CFO on his favourite artist and much more

Published 6 years ago on May 29, 2015 2 minutes Read
Soumik Kar

My favourite book would be the Mahabharata. This epic imparts great lessons on crisis management and teaches us patience. It imparts knowledge about the principles that are the building blocks of our life.

I loved watching Chak De! India featuring popular actor Shah Rukh Khan. The movie chronicles the journey of a mentor who creates an award-winning team. It is full of great lessons and I appreciated the go-getter spirit featured in the film.

The idli-sambhar prepared by my wife would undoubtedly win pole position on the list of my favourite dishes. Whenever I return home after a grueling business trip, I look forward to a hot idli-sambhar meal.

I love the refreshing salted lassi sold in Ludhiana. What else can beat the searing heat of India? This drink cools my body down and rejuvenates my stressed mind in no time.

My favourite holiday destination has to be Goa, with its temples, churches and beaches. A quick trip to the seaside destination helps me unwind and stay balanced. 

I greatly admire the work Raja Ravi Varma has put in his oil painting Lady Musicians, which features eight women playing different musical instruments. It makes me marvel at how forward Varma’s thinking about women’s empowerment was.