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Rahul Agarwal

The Lenovo MD never misses a workout session, no matter what the schedule

Published 5 years ago on Aug 19, 2017 2 minutes Read
RA Chandroo

I like the simplicity of Malcolm Gladwell, the depth of Buddha, the universality of Stephen Covey, and the analysis of Taleb. The latest book I’ve read and liked is If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Happy? by Raj Raghunathan. 

 The Godfather is one of my all-time favourite movies. It is an artfully tailored classic with great display of power, which holds relevance even today. The story, coupled with the cast’s brilliant acting, make the film the classic it is today. 

I’m the ultimate foodie. I love the street food of Mumbai and New Delhi. When travelling to Beijing, I make time for a hot pot at Hai Di Lao. I love to go to Zen for Japanese, Mamagoto for Asian cuisine, Nagarjuna for an Andhra thali and The Paul for a nice Kerala meal.

 I simply love Europe, especially the combination of scenic beauty and history the Czech Republic imbibes. Recently, I went to visit England and Scotland. I loved the natural beauty of Lake District in England, whereas for me, Scotland felt like another planet. 

I prioritise fitness and have incorporated my workout sessions into my routine. Regardless of the place or schedule, I try to spend 75 minutes each day working out. I also love to play table tennis whenever I get an opportunity.