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Devendra Shah

The chairman of Parag Milk Foods is crazy about Mexican food and snow clad towns

Published 4 years ago on Aug 02, 2019 2 minutes Read
Faisal Magray

One of my favourite books is Sapiens: A Brief History Of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari. It traces the evolution of mankind in the simplest manner with a fresh perspective. Once you start reading the book, you can’t put it down.

3 Idiots is humorous and insightful. It makes viewers embrace ideas that have been shunned, and sends a message that you don’t have to conform to norms. I enjoy movies that evoke intense sentiments.

A swim after a long day helps me de-stress and unwind. Besides, it keeps me active and fit. When I want to indulge in something more leisurely, I prefer playing a game of table tennis.

I’m a desi at heart and love dosa with sambar, but I also enjoy trying out different cuisines. I love Mexican food for its flavours and wholesomeness.

I absolutely love the cold! Most of my holidays are spent in snowcapped regions such as Kashmir. The snow encapsulates the charm of a country beautifully and I can never wait to go back. New York is another destination that takes my breath away during winters, and one can revel in the holiday spirit.