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The guru of forensic accounting, Howard Schilit, on the games companies play

Tobias Carlisle reveals his deep value investing magic formula 

Management thinker Jim Collins defined the concept of 'Level 5 leadership'

The Oracle of Omaha has India on his radar, but will he invest big money in the country?

The Oracle of Omaha has India on his radar, but will he invest big money in the country?

They might lose a battle, but they won't lose the war. What makes them unbeatable?

Michael van Biema on his investment style, picking fund managers, and his take on India

Shane Parrish of Farnam Street on the art of reading, investing and multidisciplinary...

Secret Diary of D Shivakumar Part-2

Secret Diary of D Shivakumar Part-3

A frothy market and the spectre of negative interest rates continue to confound investors

Microsoft’s Tren Griffin on what makes Charlie Munger’s investment strategy work and...

Jeremy Miller on writing Warren Buffett’s Ground Rules and why Buffett ignores macro

Bob Robotti on why a value investor’s conviction is bound to be tested time and again in...

Depressed by your dingy office or home? Skyshade has the solution — its lighting systems...

Generating savings for clients through innovative solutions is GIBSS’ forte

Hyderabad-based Aa rusha Homes is doing its bit to provide affordable accommodation 

The central bank’s dry powder to defend the rupee may be inadequate

If looks could kill, Renault has a category killer on the loose

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, is the uncomfortable position he is in

Diageo's United Spirits play may have been far from smooth but their gumption will eventually get...

The YouTube co-founder started off as a designer at PayPal

Google Ventures' ex-managing partner Bill Maris on being at the cusp of reverse ageing

Envirosell founder Paco Underhill is the insight seller whose New York office has a working...

Bloomberg LP's chairman Peter Grauer is an understated confidante who never tires of repeating...