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With a parody on a popular web-series, LazyPay’s new campaign tells users how they can avail hassle-free credit with a single click

Payday is a week away and your bank has already started sending you ‘low balance’ alerts. Most millennials can relate, but low balance doesn’t mean you have to stop shopping or forget about that movie you’ve been waiting for. You don’t want to add a fresh transaction to your credit card until a new cycle starts. What do you do then?

Mumbai-based LazyPay has a solution — it lends you instant credit for 15 days with just one click. Plus, you don’t have to go through a lengthy process of entering your CVV or OTP. That’s exactly what the company communicates in its latest ad campaign conceptualised by Whiteboard Creative Studio.

Aptly titled ‘LazyPay hai toh life sorted hai!’, it gives a sigh of relief to its users facing a month-end horror of cash crunch. “We wanted to showcase different use cases to highlight the convenience that LazyPay offers while shopping, travelling and online food ordering,” says Pallav Jain, country manager, PayU Finance, the parent company of LazyPay.

The minute-long ad film is loosely based on popular Netflix series - Sacred Games. While the series is a suspense-thriller, the ad is humorous. It begins with Ramesh, who narrates his sad story. On one hand, his guruji wants him to book a holiday for him and, on the other hand, his girlfriend insists on watching a film. Meanwhile, he feels miserable when his friends are having drinks without any chakna. But just when he thought he has hit rock bottom, he is introduced to LazyPay. In the next scene, we see his guruji on a flight, his girlfriend feeding him popcorn in a movie hall and his friends enjoying pizza. Thus, now Ramesh knows how to play a true ‘credit game’.

“We wanted to create a campaign that resonates well with millennials and simultaneously communicates the value proposition of LazyPay. Therefore, we designed this brand film with pop culture references,” says Kapil Batus, founder and creative director, Whiteboard Creative Studio. For those who have watched sacred Games, the ad will be a hilarious parody. And for those who haven’t, it is an entertaining way of learning how we can pay, lazily!


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