Feeling hospitable

Booking a hotel room has never been so easy, as per this new OYO Rooms TVC

Travelling to another city means looking for a place to stay. If you are lucky, you will probably have an old friend or relative that is kind enough to host you. But, what if even that is not an option? 

OYO Rooms has been in business for almost two years now, and with over 2,500 locations in over 100 cities, the company has finally decided to advertise on national television. Kavikrut, chief growth officer, OYO Rooms says, “We have advertised everywhere before heading to TVCs. We have been building up on the lessons learnt from previous marketing initiatives. We want young people between 20 and 35 to get to know us better and find their own reasons to check into OYO Rooms.”

Anshul Sushil, CEO, BoringBrands says, “The company is a category creator and the biggest player at the moment. The TVC was made to make people understand OYO Rooms, while being relatable and humourous at the same time. As Indians, we are always aspiring for more. They are never satisfied. That’s why we ask them Aur kya chahiye? while reminding them of our multiple offerings.” The ads cater to different reasons to travel besides tourism, which is a new concept for the hospitality industry in India. With the need for affordable options, hearing about one might come as a breath of fresh air. Whether this works in OYO Rooms’ favour or not, is yet to be seen.