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V George Antony
Managing director, UAE Exchange–India
Magazine | Nov 28, 2014
Rajiv Vij
The author of Discovering Your Sweet Spot — A Soul Searching Guide for Creating the Life You Really Want shares his wisdom
Magazine | Nov 28, 2014
Nishant Arya
Executive director, JBM Group
Magazine | Nov 14, 2014
Vikrant Khanna
Head, TV business, HomeShop18
Magazine | Oct 31, 2014
Mihir Parikh
Head of research and knowledge management, Nishith Desai Associates
Magazine | Oct 17, 2014
Sanjay Shukla
Regional business manager, sales & marketing, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals
Magazine | Sep 19, 2014
Aftab Anvar Alvi
VP & head, bancassurance & broker channel, Shriram General Insurance
Magazine | Aug 22, 2014
The Florida-based economist and demographics forecaster says that not everybody is in for a good time
Magazine | Aug 22, 2014
Chuck Feeney
The man who anonymously gave away his multi-billion dollar fortune explains his approach to philanthropy
Magazine | Jul 19, 2014
Ramakrishna Velamuri
Entrepreneurship is an expression of individual freedom and deserves as much protection as freedom of speech.
Magazine | Aug 08, 2014
Bill Gates
Gates brings the same steely aggression to philanthropy that helped him build Microsoft into an operating system powerhouse.
Magazine | Jul 19, 2014
Warren Buffett
History could well remember the legendary investor as an astute philanthropist.
Magazine | Jul 19, 2014
David Rockefeller Jr.
The great-grandson of the founder of The Rockefeller Foundationand guides it with the same passion that he has for the environment, ocean conservation and his favourite pastime, sailing
Magazine | Jul 19, 2014
Azim H. Premji
The intention to give back to society was fixed in his mind as a child, seeing his father’s upright actions and the dedication with which his doctor mother ran a children’s charitable hospital.
Magazine | Jul 19, 2014
Amit Agarwal
Senior vice-president, Rate Gain IT Solutions
Magazine | Jun 21, 2014
Warren Buffett
The sage of Omaha says that the lack of enough large sized companies has deterred Berkshire from investing in the country.
Magazine | Jun 07, 2014
Howard Graham Buffett
On our way to interview a passionate farmer, we meet a taxi-driver who goes home and farms part time
Magazine | Jun 07, 2014
Aparajita Agrawal
Sankalp Forum’s Aparajita Agrawal offers some insights on what’s happening in the social entrepreneurship sphere
Magazine | May 24, 2014
Rishi Dhariwal
National credit manager, Au Financiers
Magazine | May 24, 2014
Chief risk officer, Siemens Financial Services
Magazine | Apr 12, 2014