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Ramakrishna Velamuri
Entrepreneurship is an expression of individual freedom and deserves as much protection as freedom of speech.
Magazine | Aug 08, 2014
Amit Agarwal
Senior vice-president, Rate Gain IT Solutions
Magazine | Jun 21, 2014
Warren Buffett
The sage of Omaha says that the lack of enough large sized companies has deterred Berkshire from investing in the country.
Magazine | Jun 07, 2014
Howard Graham Buffett
On our way to interview a passionate farmer, we meet a taxi-driver who goes home and farms part time
Magazine | Jun 07, 2014
Aparajita Agrawal
Sankalp Forum’s Aparajita Agrawal offers some insights on what’s happening in the social entrepreneurship sphere
Magazine | May 24, 2014
Rishi Dhariwal
National credit manager, Au Financiers
Magazine | May 24, 2014
Chief risk officer, Siemens Financial Services
Magazine | Apr 12, 2014
Jim Grant
Magazine | Apr 12, 2014
Vinayak Bhat
Country manager, Indian subcontinent, FactSet
Magazine | Mar 15, 2014
Rajit Mehta
Executive director and chief operating officer, Max Life Insurance
Magazine | Mar 01, 2014
Agy George
Head, Apac sales, TAKE Solutions
Magazine | Feb 01, 2014
Ameera Shah
CEO & MD, Metropolis Healthcare
Magazine | Dec 21, 2013
Krishna (Kittu) Kolluri
Krishna (Kittu) Kolluri of New Enterprise Associates on how he bets on imperfect data
Magazine | Dec 07, 2013
Navin Chaddha
Navin Chaddha of Mayfield Fund on why it is a great time to invest in technology in the USmi
Magazine | Dec 07, 2013
Timothy C Draper
Legendary venture capitalist Tim Draper of Draper Fisher Jurvetson on creating superheroes
Magazine | Dec 07, 2013
Vinod Khosla
Silicon Valley veteran Vinod Khosla on entrepreneurship and failing intelligently
Magazine | Dec 07, 2013
Pawan Garg
Director, strategic expansion, UnitedHealth Group
Magazine | Nov 23, 2013
Bill Fischer
On strategy, innovation and reinvention: 'The greatest barrier to innovation is success'
Magazine | Nov 23, 2013
Anil Reddi
Anit Reddi, brand director, Porsche India, on the evolution of the Indian luxury car buyer
Magazine | Nov 09, 2013
Dhananjay Sharma
General manager, global solar business, Su-Kam Power Systems
Magazine | Oct 26, 2013