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Professor and author Anil K Gupta on the successes and failures of Chinese companies

Bill Gurley of Benchmark Capital on how excess capital continues to distort valuations in Silicon Valley

The future is...

Silicon valley's hottest innovations

The bright brigade

Silicon valley's hottest innovations

Paying it forward

How successful Indians in Silicon Valley are helping othe  rs get ahead of the curve as well

Tim Cook, CEO, Apple

Tim Cook admonishing his Silicon Valley brethren for their data gluttony at the EPIC Champions event

Tim Cook, Apple CEO

Tim Cook admonishing his Silicon Valley brethren for their data gluttony at the Electronic Privacy Information

‘Father of the Pentium’, Vinod Dham on entrepreneurship, innovation and the transformational role of artificial intelligence

Going for Broke

With its free trading app, Robinhood wants to take the game away from fat cat brokers in the US

Here Comes the Roboguard

Smart autonomous robots are Knightscope’s answer to the rising threat of violence and crime in the US  

Watch out for the disruptors - Part II

Some industries will get disrupted faster than others. Here’s a lowdown of who is at risk

Saxo Bank's

The Danish bank's chief economist presents tongue-in-cheek forecasts for 2016

Solution seeker

Zipdial co-founder Valerie Wagoner is on a mission to bridge the technology gap in emerging economies 

Why are start-ups moving out of India

Seeking a better business environment, start-ups are taking flight

Ramu Kaka and Chinna Thambi get funding

The craze around hyperlocal business defies logic

Innovation Inc.

Start-ups that we believe represent the most innovative companies in the Valley today.

Forecasting Fortune

Spire wants to make weather reporting a precise science than an art

Small is Beautiful

With its low-cost satellites, Planet Labs is bringing the benefit of real time data access to just about everyone

An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Hyperloop Transportation, through a collaborative effort wants to make travelling through high-speed tubes a reality

When Aging is Fun

Unity Biotechnology wants to make the sunset years less painful through its discovery of senolytic medicine

The Sith Lord of startups

Silicon Valley angel investor Dave McClure wants Indian investors to take more risks

The pivot player from KPCB, which is Silicon Valley's most renowned venture capital firm 

Jim Breyer of Breyer Capital on what he looks for in entrepreneurs and where he is betting next 

Lessons for the Future

Udacity, the online education start-up, wants students of today to learn the technology of tomorrow

Scott Sandell of NEA on the investment opportunities thrown up by the cloud and mobile revolution

Renew and Re-Use

With its affordable computers and authentic software, RenewIT is making India’s IT revolution more inclusive

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