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Starting anew

Dunkin’s donut cakes mark their entry with an off-beat commercial

Now, a food App for the calorie-conscious

First Eat is for those who want to eat 'healthy'

The bespoke advantage

Gucci’s biggest store in India has made-to-order styling and a museum collection

Building a tempo

Parsvnath Developers is grappling with declining property prices and weak demand in the NCR market

City Pipers

Gas distribution utilities are attracting investor attention as they promise safety and growth

Insights from India's leading private wealth advisors at Outlook Business’ 5th annual roundtable, Upper Crest - Part 3

The Smart Option

Start-up GrabOnRent caters to those who opt to rent than buy

Online to Offline

Online start-ups are headed the omni-channel way, but integration remains key

Changing the mix

Will the shift from fertilizers to the consumer segment pay off for Tata Chemicals?

Public party - Part 2

In the second part, a look at Narayana Hrudayalaya and diagnostic player Thyrocare

Shaking it up

Keventers is milking its retro appeal to pull in growth

Keeping the flock happy

Automobile companies are building alternate revenue streams for their dealers. Is this enough to drive competition away?

The home maker - Asian Fabricx

How Ashok Kumar weaved a success story for Asian Fabricx, with a little Swedish help

Down but not out

A sluggish realty market has not deterred private equity investors from pumping money into the sector

Not-so-nano challenge

Even as SMEs in Sanand take on the bureaucracy, auto ancillaries are battling the dual challenge of unskilled labour and low volume

'Cutting' to the  chase

A new crop of start-ups is helping you get your daily tea fix, reinventing the friendly neighbourhood chai tapri

What do you want fixed?

Service providers, at your beck and call, promise to make life easy

Paying the right price

LetsMD simplifies the pricing game for elective surgery patients

Bulk-buying simplified

Sahil Sani is making life easy for the average grocer

Hassle-free commute

Bus-aggregator Shuttl is set to make your office-ride smooth

Fitness reminder

Fitso is your fitness guide on the go

Mahesh Gupta

Kent RO Systems' chairman, Mahesh Gupta says it's important to believe in the business one is investing in

The nature cafe

Honey Hut plans to bring a new twist to the concept of cafe chains 

Chal meri <br> Jugnoo </br>

Auto-aggregator, Jugnoo, helps you book a ride, buy groceries and order a hot meal

There's space for more

On-demand storage service, BoxMySpace, makes space for your belongings

What's hot about cold-pressed juices

Cold-pressed juices have joined the long list of must-haves for the health conscious 

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