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Frontier Markets

Frontier Markets distributes solar lamps across rural Rajasthan

Markets Perhaps Mistake Low Yields For Low Investment Risk

It would be best to reduce some risk in the portfolio according to Kotak Institutional Equities

Cameron Brandt, research director, EPFR Global on the current mood of global institutional investors

Increasingly addled

Global markets and individual economies are increasingly “addled” and distorted

The world of PC Sorcar

Why businesses and financial markets have become a hotbed of illusion

Much ado about nothing

Using a sample of 43 countries, the authors of this study sorted the equity markets according to their expected return differentials with the US markets

“Investors should try to focus on facts instead of opinions”

Tirthankar Patnaik, from Religare Capital Markets, on five ways to drown out noise in the markets

Breathing space

Till such time that the markets operate in a risk-on mode, India will continue to get its share of flows

Takashi Yamaguchi, director, Daiwa Capital Markets, offers suggestions for expatriates to adapt quickly to India 

Nitin Prasad, managing director, Shell Lubricants, Shell India Markets, on five ways to build team spirit

Tapping the Indian market

An extract from Ravi Venkatesan's book 'Conquering The Chaos'

Nishant Arya

JBM group's executive director is of the view that putting all eggs in one basket pays

Two Out, Third Shaky

There is limited scope for re-rating for large parts of the Indian market opines Kotak Institutional Equities

Why Quant Is Still Not Sexy

Quantitative trading that thrives on algorithmic models still has few takers in India

India yet to reform under Modi, China a better investment bet

Jim Rogers on why China remains a better investment bet despite the slowdown

Don't Lower The Lifeboats...Yet

We do not have the necessary conditions to say that today’s world has a bubble

Shankar Sharma of First Global talks about why he believes 2016 is a year to be extra-conservative

Mohamed El-Erian on the need to moderate the overflowing liquidity spigot

Mind chow

The intent behind Masterspeak is not only to get you the latest in business thinking but also capture the timeless lessons learnt by those who have made it

Modi is long on India but...

What the current political scenario means for the stock market

Solution seeker

Zipdial co-founder Valerie Wagoner is on a mission to bridge the technology gap in emerging economies 

How broking firms are remodelling their business

Broking firms are increasingly seeing merit in a diversified business model. But can everyone make it?

Is there more downside in store for the Sensex?

JP Morgan's Bharat Iyer and ASK Investment's Prateek Agrawal on what’s in store for the market

The coming market bounce

The steep fall in the market will see a rebound in the days to come as investors would once again bank on central banks to bail them out

After shoring up Maruti's rural presence, Mayank Pareek is set to give Tata Motors a taste of the hinterland

We'll do just fine, relatively speaking

Betting on Indian equities solely based on the optimism of the government would be far from being prudent

On Stands Now