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The King of all Trades

The Greenback will remain the world’s go-to-currency even as the Renminbi makes its way into a basket of reserve currencies

Saxo Bank's

The Danish bank's chief economist presents tongue-in-cheek forecasts for 2016

My big fat Greek crisis

Greece is unlikely to be able to pay back its current borrowings. What cannot be paid back will not be paid back

No longer child's play

Zee Learn’s strategy to move up the value chain is still to show up on the bottomline

In full bloom

Tree House has near-perfected the art of running its pre-school business through its self-owned and lease strategy

Inside job, Indian style

Abysmal policy inaction by UPA-IIhas pushed the Reserve Bank, not to mention the country, into a very precarious position

The rust is showing

Weak Chinese growth prospects and concerns over euro stability will keep metal prices under check

BNP Paribas Jean Lemierre

BNP Paribas chairman Jean Lemierre on why Greece should not exit the euro

Echoes from Africa

If the US 10-year yield moves higher than 2.60%, it will mark the beginning of a secular bear bond market

Magic Touch

Concept Medical has created a niche for itself with its innovative drug-coated stent and balloon catheter for diabetic heart patients

Back on the growth path

Engineers India is eyeing a earnings recovery backed by brownfield expansion of OMCs

Off-Beat Realtor

 Tara Singh Vachani, Max group chairman Analjit Singh's youngest daughter, is treading the untrodden path by venturing into the senior living space  

India yet to reform under Modi, China a better investment bet

Jim Rogers on why China remains a better investment bet despite the slowdown

Not A Manic Monday

The market held on today despite the expectation of a correction

The home maker - Asian Fabricx

How Ashok Kumar weaved a success story for Asian Fabricx, with a little Swedish help

Back On Home Grid

Shedding loss-making international units might rekindle investor interest but Crompton badly needs access to technology

It's the Zeno paradox

Negative interest rates are real, but investors seem to think that they have a Zeno-like quality that will allow them to make money

Sunshine, lollipops and...

Banking seems to be a damaged victim of write-offs and lower future margins

Can Abidali Neemuchwala put an end to Wipro's woes?

After relying on internal choices and battling below industry growth rates, Wipro turns to an outsider to turn its fortune around

Shilpa Krishnan

Shilpa Krishnan of Prabhudas Lilladher on why VA Tech Wabag has the makings of a multibagger

The house always wins or does it?

Central Banks are printing money like chips that they’ll never have to redeem

Heritage evangelist

In her 45-year career, fashion designer Ritu Kumar has seamlessly combined her passion for history with her drive to save India's fabric tradition 

Why an early rate hike by the Fed is in India's best interest

India is optimally placed to handle a Fed-induced spillover than it was any time since FY11

The coming market bounce

The steep fall in the market will see a rebound in the days to come as investors would once again bank on central banks to bail them out

Yuan devaluation - The real reason

People’s Bank of China’s currency strategy has more to it than meets the eye

Fidelity India’s head of investments prefers companies with strong balance sheets

On Stands Now