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Shankar Sharma of First Global talks about why he believes 2016 is a year to be extra-conservative

Exchequer to the rescue

If the government front-ends budget expenditure, falling corporate earnings could get a boost

Insights from India's leading private wealth advisors at Outlook Business’ 5th annual roundtable, Upper Crest - Part 1

Richard Iley, chief economist, emerging markets, BNP Paribas, talks about the prospects for the Indian market  

Vikas Khemani, CEO, Edelweiss Securities, on five indicators to gauge market sentiment 

Jeremy Miller on writing Warren Buffett’s Ground Rules and why Buffett ignores macro

Will the uptick in the Nifty keep  up over the next few months?

The benchmark index is up about 10% since the Budget. Can the rally sustain?  

Growth Hunter

Jinesh Gopani's bold contrarian bets have paid off and he plans to hold onto them

Will the budget cheer the  stock market?

In the backdrop of global uncertainty, domestic recovery will be vital for earnings growth. All eyes are on fiscal measures

When the going gets tough

Barring a handful, the fourth edition of Fastest Growing Companies is reflective of the challenging environment that India Inc finds itself in

It's deflation, stupid!

Central bank’s focus on curbing consumer inflation may be counter-productive 

Insights from India's leading private wealth advisors at Outlook Business’ 4th annual roundtable, Upper Crest - Part 1

Should investors invest in gilts or corporate debt funds?

With an anticipated cut in repo rate by the RBI, debt funds look attractive

How cheap is the Sensex?

The pace of earnings downgrades makes India’s valuation seem deceptive

Mark McFarland of Coutts & Co talks about his mid-year investment outlook

Where are you, George?

Asset values are way out of whack but nobody is stepping forward to point out that the emperor has no clothes

All hope, no fear

Will them momentum be sustained as the market has run ahead of realities in anticipation of a Modi-led government?

Getting high

The Sensex is close to its all-time high, but the zing is missing  

Keeping the faith

Post first-quarter earnings, FY14 estimates are likely to be further downgraded

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